ArScherit Cooper

An Ex-slave Changeling now in the employ of the resistance


Race: Changeling (Homebrew) (True form in picture)
Level 1 Fighter
Improved Unarmed, Improved Trip
Weapon: Crook


(Note: Although Arscherit’s true form is female. It is completely genderless in spirit and mind.)

The changeling known as Arscherit was captured from it’s forest home in a slaver raid four years ago. Until the time of its capture it had never left its Fey Forest. And it quickly grew hateful of the outside world due to its enslavement. Arscherit was sold for approximately 2,500 platinum to a noble that “collected” rare and magical creatures. In his/her captivity she/he was treated as a trophy. Caged in an artificial forest on the nobles land. Arscherit was shown off to many nobles as “The last changeling” even though Arscherit knew that to be false, he/she enjoyed the title. “Makes me sound like a hero.” Arscherit would muse while alone while inspecting his/her crook. (The crook is a family heirloom. Made from the original tree of Arscherits Fey Forest.) Of course that didn’t mean that Arscherit enjoyed being imprisoned. Arscherit sought a way to freedom. And so he/she waited… Two years passed before Arscherit had his/her chance. The noble had grown tired of Arscherit, and sought a new “toy”. So he had arranged to for Arscherit to be sold to a lesser noble. In fact Arscherit was to be sold to a changeling noble. (TBC)

ArScherit Cooper

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